I didn't know if this is the right forum but I thought it might well be...

I want to get better at recognising instruments by ear. The classical variety so to speak ie clarinets, violins, cellos... etc. Just sort of orchestral instruments.

So does anyone know of any websites that can help me with this?

Thanks guys
Thanks for reading
My advice is to just listen to as much stuff as you can where you know what the instruments are. I've worked as a producer/engineer with engineers who can pick any instrument from one note.

The classical string instruments are a tough one, violin and viola are very difficult to pick. Focus more on the texture of the note rather than pitch. Each instrument has it's own colour so try to listen to that.
^^^ i agree, just listen to music of each instrument, once you get into instrument families it becomes more difficult, so it is harder to reconise a trumpet from a cornet then to reconise a trumpet from a violin. Just get some classical music and listen to it.