Im a huge primus fan and ive decided to learn some on bass (despite only owning a bass for a week, though i can play very well, already know - sgt. baker, antipop, groundhogs day etc.)

I want to learn my name is mud but since it is played on a 6 string, i was wondering how i would go about tuning the strings cause i onlyhave a 4 string.

It is tabbed for a 5 string fretless - B,E,A,D,G
Ive tried playing it on E before but it doesnt sound right, should i just tune, my 4 string to B, E, A, D? Only E, A, D strings - standard are used?


I wouldn't reccomend doing that on a 4-string unless you plan on making a truss-rod adjustment, the huge change in tension is bad for the neck without something to counteract it.
before i had a 5 strng i tuned my E and A strings down to B and E to play lots of primus stuff, and Parabola by tool. It didn't screw up my bass or truss rod at all.

although granted, it didn't as good as a standard B string.
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