I'm using a Marshall Mg100DFX and a humbucker equiped guitar.
I may be getting EMG's in the near future (not my favorite pickups but they suit the music we play), but from experience it gives a thin, scratchy sound when used with solid state amps.
Our main influence Slayer and we want to sound similiar to them but we can't get a thick enough sound so when we harmonize it just sounds like noise.
Any suggestions on how to achieve a thicker tone? We already use a lot of mids...
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full treble and bass, 7 mid.

on your guitar turn the tone down to about 5 or less on the neck pup

3 or less on the bridge pup

i do that often.
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with an mg100 your best bet is to get a distortion pedal or modeler or something like that, an mg100 and a guitar alone will get you nowhere
a good distortion pedal (i reccomend the EHX Metal Muff that thing is ****ing amazing).
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up the mids and bass and the tones on hte guitar
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If it just sounds like noise, lower the gain to improve clarity.
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