this is a cover of lake bodom i did if the lead parts seem a bit sloppy its because i recorded them at 9 am and without much warmup

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The whole song was pretty good, maybe some mistake for the solo but it's pretty hard. I liked your tone for the intro. 9/10
Very good! No flaws at all from what I can hear, very good legato and tone.

What's your setup? Also, where did you get the backing tracks for the other songs you covered? For the Love of God sounded nearly 100% identical to the original.
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jackson dinky -> boss me-50 -> line 6 spider 2 direct

guitarbt.com for the for the love of god one and i just exported bass and drums from guitar pro for the other ones
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Looks like Steve Vai might have some competition.
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Listening to the Bodom one sounds awesome! I've heard of Bodom before but never heard them sounds very cool. I like the neoclassical feel. Your playing is very tight that intro was fantastic the tone really made it shine. Just listening to the solo wow just wow although it does seem odly quiet. 10/10 awesome please crit my Eruption tapping https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=425347
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