hey ppl, i need some advice, i just got my allowance and im a huge fan of emo music and i wanted to know what are some good bands i shud check out, cuz the only emo ive heard is HH....

thanks 4 ur help

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i hate emos
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madison u have to search them on purevolume.com tho cuz their kinda small and unknown but they're gud
save up more and buy a new guitar or amp.
dont spend good money on albums when you can just download 'em.
Screw Emo...All buy Mastodon's Blood Mountain or Still Remains's Of Love and Lunacy...WOW
ive already got a good amp, its a beringer with 70 ohms on each speaker, to top that, i have 2 6ft tall speakers to go along with it, "the wweapon" a distortion box thaty pwns, and a Jackson kelly guitar. i dont need new equipment, all i need is an sg. but im waiting for xmas. thanks for thje help so far, im not downloading cuz i cant get itunes or anything cuz my comp. sucks ass, so keep the albums coming.
mastodon suck.

i've never seen such a boring live band in my whole life.
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emos forever