I want to practice with a pick on my bass. I was just wondering should i alternate pick even for slow songs so i get uised to it? or should i just pick downwards and for faster songs try to alternate pick?

What do u do for slow and fast songs?

thanx in advance
if you're gonna actually play with a pick (beyond just practicing) you should probably get in the habbit of alternate picking as much as possible
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This is how it goes (I don't actually play with one but my teacher tried to teach me) "properly" playing with a pick is that on the beat you downstroke in between beats you up pick so if you just have quarter notes or longer it's just down down down down. but if you have eigth notes it down up down up d u d u. thats it simply if you have sixteenth notes I THINK the eighth notes become the beat. Remeber this is just the technical way to play you don't actually have to play it this way and I'm sure someone will argue my way.

Jazz_rock_feel is correct.

However when you start skipping strings and playing different, syncopated rhythms, you'll break the pattern as your hand will probably act like a metronome of sorts, moving in time. I know mine does.

Arpeggiating chords and playing octaves will really build up your accuracy and usually your hand will find a comfortably pattern when you start doing this.
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I play with a pick and I dont alternate pick unless I have to. For instance in Dying in Your Arms by Trivium, its borderline alternate and single pick, but i just alternate pick on the top string (until I get more comfortable with the song anyways). Hope I could help in anyway.
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^^ i hate playing trivium its boring and my guitarist loves them unfortunetly only cause he gets to show off and stuff
but back on subject

i dont really know what allternative picking is but when i play with a pick i jsut pluck up and down on the strings ( dunno if thats what it is)
depending on the speed as jazz_rock_feel mentioned usually its down-down-down for slower songs, and down-up-down-up for faster ones (no matter if they are eights or sixteenths, depends on tempo too imo). chords (0-7 octaves and full chords too) seem to be much easier to play with a pick, if they are slower ones i just let them ring, and pick from the direction of the last string, while real slow ones ("feel the love in the air?" ) are still better with fingerpicking, IMO

picks are not fingers, you can loose them much easier than your fingers, so if you choose picks get more of them
As above, alternate on fast songs which is really necessary unless you want cramp!
The sound that a pick makes against a string is obvisouly different then the sound that your fingers make when they hit. I play with both my fingers and a pick, depending on the song. It's really about weither or not a song feels like it should have a pick feel to it or a finger feel to it. Sometimes I change from pick to fingers back to pick again in a single song if some parts I think would sound better with my pick. On alternating picking, its the same as if you where playing a guitar, sometimes you need to change your rhythm pattern.

On a side note bass chords really sound good with a pick.
Personally, I think it's good to learn what the bassist of the band's song you're covering uses, and do whatever he does. Picking shoudl ALWAYS be done alternately. It just becomes natural, which is exactly what you want.
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I play with both my fingers and a pick

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on-topic: Alternate. When you do it long enough you shouldn't be thinking of alternating or just downstrokes, it should come natural.
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