I ordered a few and will sell the extras on eBay. This price is great and i love the pedal, mine will be here either today or tomorrow.


I think the best feature besides all the sounds and being able to replace so many stomp boxes is the fact that you can go to http://www.magicstomp.com/eng_flash/index.html and download more sounds for it, just like Roland TD series drum modules which are top notch.

edit, also im looking for an audio sample but nobody seems to have one so if anyone has a recording please post it, thanks
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Killer pedal

I finally got my magic stomp in today around 4pm...yea FedEx was late...

Anyways the sounds of the stomp box really made up for it...the tuner and distortions are great so im selling my modded DS1 and PT100 tuner pedal.

That leaves me with the magic stomp and the WD7 wah...great combo.

They could have tried an on/off switch for this unit though...

Anyways ill do some recordings and have them on my site tomorrow