By now everyone should know who Herman Li is from DragonForce. Anyways, I found this video of Herman Li teaching some cool guitar effects they used on Inhuman Rampage, brought to you by blender.com The effects on the video are:

1. The Pac-Man Noise
2. The Dive-Bomb Noise
3. The Elephant Noise
4. The Motorbike Noise
5. The "Break Your Guitar String" Noise

The last trick is seen on the "Through The Fire and Flames" video.

The link of the video is:

Watch the video and comment on it.
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its old, good, but old lol
its old, good, but old lol
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That was fairly interesting.

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Is he playing harmonics for the elephant noise? How come I can't make mine sound exactly the same?
^natural harmonics lol. he tells you how to do it.
Youtube covers

Very good video.

Herman Li is the man !
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love the motorbike noise lol. if i didn't know better, i'd swear it was the real thing :P
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