I got it yesterday and it rocks. It sounds awesome. I love the fact that the sound can be set in the channels and different variations of effects. What im lacking now is a footswitch because the shop didn't bring in any stock for the month and its going to be awhile until i get the footswitch. but i guess that wouldn't stop me from exploring the sounds.

btw, how versatile can the amp be in terms of music genre?

Should I get an effects pedal to enhance the sound further? Although the effects on the Vox already sounds awesome.
I dont like any of the distortion channels. Not geared toward anything heavier than classic rock IMO. I dont particularily like too many of the effects on it either other than reverb, delay and i dont mind the flanger. Its an okay amp IMO. I use a crappy MT-2 for distortion and tighten it up with a CS-3, makes all the difference for distortion.
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the UK modern preset distortion channel on it is good i think, its quite beefy and nice
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i got one and its definitely a good amp. most of the effects suck though. all i use is the reverb most of the time. and yeah, about it not being good for metal, its apparently a rule of thumb around here that the roland cube 60 ( which i havent played but im going from what ive heard.) is for metal and valvetronx for anything else. and while im at it ill direct you to these two sites.


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thanks for the link.

btw, what type of pedal would help the amp sound give better distortion besides the MT-2 and CS-3?