This is my first cover ever, so any crits would be appreciated. I recorded both rhythm and lead parts, but I cut the outro solo short 'cause I can't play it well lol.



That really pleased me, especially how well phrased the rhythm parts were.
A bit more volume on the solos would have been nice though.

The harmonic was pretty

btw, what setup were you using?
Thanks a lot man

my setup is an Ibanez RG1570 and Marshall DSL-401

Cheers mate. I got the bt off www.guitarbt.com, but last I checked the site wasn't working properly. I could upload it for you if you want though?

Wow, that was a pretty sweetass cover. Loved the rhythm parts... they just sounded so smooth and awesome. And that first solo is one of my favorites from Slash, and you certainly did it justice. Like jimi_sean said, if you turned yourself up on the solos then it would've sounded better. Still an awesome job, though. All-around, I figured this would be a tough song to cover, but you pulled it off with quite a bit of grace. One of the best GnR covers I can recall hearing on here. Gets a 9.5/10 in my book.
OH yeah Loaded like a freight train!! Dude i love this song and you covered it great, liked your rythim playing a lot, i think this is on standard tunning??
Wow great chorus part, i love that riff, and the middle solo section was great too!
Man you have to try to do the outro, if you dont know it note by note improvise!! i love that part of the song
Like it very much but you HAVE to record the outro dude!
Good cover.. needs volume on first solo though
Quote by NunoSlash
i think this is on standard tunning??

I'm pretty sure everything Slash has ever recorded is down 1/2 step
Pretty good effort. Sounded good all round. I covered this one myself a while ago. Learn the outro, it's really fun to play once you got it down.
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Quote by rayIII
Good cover.. needs volume on first solo though

I'm pretty sure everything Slash has ever recorded is down 1/2 step

Nooo! November Rain is E tuning because of the piano. And slither is Drop D.
very very good i love this song cant play the outro solo though its pretty hard lol. Thanks for the comment u gave me aswel mate.
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Quote by rayIII
Good cover.. needs volume on first solo though

I'm pretty sure everything Slash has ever recorded is down 1/2 step

most of it is...but those damn backing tracks are in standard trust me i did like 3/4 of rocket queen and realized it.... lol so I had to start recording over.
Quote by rayIII

I'm pretty sure everything Slash has ever recorded is down 1/2 step

noope, have you heard velvet revolver? drop d and standard tuning, no 1/2 step

EDIT: i forgot to comment kickass cover, the lead ill say wasnt absolutly perfect, but it was dam good. good job
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Very Good cover. Nice sound and tone. The first solo could be a little louder but still an awesome job.
Quote by Mr_Newbie_LP
except for 'fall to pieces' thats 1/2 step down

he used 1/2 step down for everything in GN'R and snakepit, both live and in the studio

for VR he uses standard or drop D tuning, except for that one song "fall to peices" which they are all tuned 1/2 step down

i have a feeling when VR play live though, they use 1/2 step down, and drop D 1/2 step down, instead of standard tunings, so its easier for scott to sing to (dont quote me on this, id have to play along with it to work it out, but it sounds lower on their live performances)

a lot of rock bands do that, because its easier to reach the higher louder notes, and the live environment is a lot more demanding than a studio where you can do a dozen takes to get it right

I think the main thing is its alot easier to bend notes and play with more feel when your tuned 1/2 step down. I've heard that slash said he likes it because he does so many bends in his work. Guitar just feels so much smoother. Standard tuning feels so dang tight.
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