your a little off in the beginning. you need to turn down the gain. and it sounds like you are playing the main riff kinda wrong.
Intro riff was a little messed up, the main riff wasn't 100% correct, The solo was pretty good, til the end of it... but over all you did a decent job... your distortion sounded crappy though..
pretty good. I don't see what was wrong with the opening riff personally. Although I agree that the distortion needs to be turned down. I think it would be a bit more interesting to listen to if u sing it urself tho because its a bit pointless listening to those vocals. The solo is good, especially seeing as you improvised it. Overall good job. Could you crit mine please? It's here
TO = used for expressing motion or direction toward a point, person, place, or thing approached and reached, as opposed to from

TWO = the number 2

TOO = in addition; also; furthermore; to an excessive extent or degree
For the intro riff, don't bother bending the last two notes, they sound better without it. Tone wasn't that great, but I wont hold it against you. If its possible, double track the rythym guitars, it'd sound worlds better. Turn up the guitars too. Solo was mostly improv. needs some work.

Overall it's ok. Practice.
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the main riff isnt wrong... your missing a whole guitar that should go in the right channel