Maybe you guys can give me your personal opinion on this one. Here is my situation i have a guy that is willing to sell me his marshall 1960a for $380 bucks its almost 2 years old only has some cosmetic wear and tear. At the same time i can always get a B-52 At-412 New for $400. What would you guys recommend, any experiance with these cabs??

I have a fender ROC pro 1000 Hybrid head. Me and my band play alot of Hardcore/HardPunk stuff, in case that makes any diff.
Well Ive never played through a B-52 cab, but I would probably go with the B-52 cab simply because its new and not much more, then you have that reassuring feeling that if it breaks down you got the new warranty and stuff.
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If you are worried about cosmetics, go for the B-52. It is going to be brand new and still have the 5 year warranty. The marshall is going to have a better sound though. I think the B-52 is made out of 13 ply birch, so they are pretty sturdy.
i would go with the 1960a, of course, assuming that you dont mind some wear on it. its marshall, its made well, its pretty reliable, its gonna sound better than the B-52 (although ive played that cab and its still pretty good), and its a cab, you wont have to worry about it breaking down on you.
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Yah i dont mind some wear, its all good. I just love the way marshalls play but at teh same time those b-52s are such a good bang for the buck. any more insights?

I appreciate the friendly opinions guys, happy i found this board.
Well, I don't know if it's just me, but the sound is infinitely more important to me... Thus the Marshall.
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Marshall definately....

The wear and tear will be WELL worth the sound you get out of it.
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