So... my line6 spider2 212 (150W) sucks...if I would buy a footpedal, would this be any beter or will it still be a load of crap? And if so...wich pedal is nice to play metalcore (As I Lay DYing, Heaven SHall Burn,...). I was thinking about Digitech Metal Master, Digitech Death Metal, Digitech DF-7 (distortion factory) ,Boss Metal Zone MT-2 and Line6 übermetal. Are they any good?
Try them all at a local music shop, its what every1 says, but its really true that it is the best judge.
Digi-tech's death-metal pedal is good for extreame distortion... but just that... you cant change the distortion level so it is severly distorted... sometimes too much. Also i would not recomend it for a live setting. They feed back too much at loud levels.
Metal Muff by Electro Harmonix is a great pedal for $100. Best advise is to try a few out but I would avoid digi-tech death metal. The distortion is similar to the one thats in your line6 spider.
For the most part...anything with "metal" IN the name is going suck. IMO its more of a marketing thing. Metal is really big right now and I think companies know that. Which is why Im seeing all these new dangfangled 'metal' pedals, goth'd out guitars..etc. Theres a LOT of other pedals out there that dont just capitolize on one genre, but can cover it all.

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