hi i am going to view a gibson sg standard tommorow
and not really knowing too much about these guitars
i once again enter these hallowed halls and ask for your
guidance so i dont get scammed!

what should i be looking for in the guitar
eg how can i tell its real?
how can i tell its not another model or an epi with a gibbo neck?
how much should i be paying?
anything particular to this model help?
i have the serial no if it helps
big thanks in advance

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you should be paying 70o-1200 dollars, and juts go to a certified gibson dealer
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where are you planning on buying it from??
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what should i be looking for in the guitar? - damage , faulty electrics

eg how can i tell its real? the headstock should look right, eh, take down the serial and check it with them via email

how can i tell its not another model or an epi with a gibbo neck?the truss rod cover should say sg, ( i think), the neck should hav a logo thingy,

how much should i be paying? uh..between 800-1000 but that depends

anything particular to this model help?
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as far as pricing goes i can help you there. go to www.zzounds.com and find your guitar model. They've always had the fairest pricing i've seen. I always check there before I buy somewhere else.

To tell if it is real, you should notice right away when playing if it feels or sounds cheap, but always look for the serial number on the guitar and ask if it has a certificate of authenticity, along with the Gibson warranty.

Lastly, if your even questioning if the guitar is real, I dont know what store you are going to, but I'd strongly suggest going somewhere else. I always check

- Guitar Center (but only go there if you already know what to buy, there like used car salesman in there)(They have a website too)

-Sam Ash (Alittle better than guitar center as far as helpfulness, but same prices)

-Zzounds.com - (Great site to get info, but great to buy too. Shipping is incredibly cheap as well)

By going to a larger chain, you risk getting suckered into buying something else, but you know that what you are buying is authentic. My advice is to make sure this is definately what you want, and hold off buying for alittle while until you find the best price.
Since they're set neck guitars, you can't swap necks. That's not even a concern.

The thing is that you really need to have a Gibson and another similar copy guitar together to be able to point out the differences. I can tell you to look for an ABR bridge, but chances are you wouldn't know the difference between an ABR Tune-O-Matic and the cheaper Tune-O-Matic bridges on Epiphone. I could tell you to look at the nut and see what material it's made of and how it's mounted on the guitar (Gibson do it different than anyone else), but again, you wouldn't know the difference unless they were pointed out to you. Ditto for fingerboard binding (if applicable).

If it's a post-1978 model, the serial number is an 8-digit number stamped into the wood at the back of the headstock with MADE IN USA stamped below it. Sometimes, fakes can be foudn out by their serial, because Gibson have a lot of info coded into the serial number.

The first and fifth digits in the number give you the year of the guitar. So for example, serial 00325513 would have been built in 2005.

The 2nd - 4th numbers tell you the day of the year it was produced. So 032 means the 32nd day of the year - Feb 1. Some of the fakes will have numbers here that go above 356, showing it's a fake.

The last 3 digits of the serial indicate what number guitar this was for the date stamped,and what plant it was made at. 000-399 were reserved for instruments made at the Kalamazoo plant, which closed in the early 80s, so if the number is below 400, it's a fake. So in the fake serial I gave above, 513 would mean it was the 113th guitar stamped that day. And Gibson claim that to date, they have NEVER made 500 guitars (of one model) in the same day, so you will never see these last 3 digits go over 900 - another indication of a potential fake.

Chances are, if it's a private sale, it's probably the real thing. But there are a lot of these Chinese counterfeits on ebay and such. And they get so many people because people don't know the subtle differences. These guitars have 8-digit serials, MADE IN USA stamped, etc. And you have to know the differences to know if it's a fake.
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^ Very impressive. you know your stuff. Threadstarter, here's a general price guide:
Brand New, $1000-$1200 with Hardshell Case
Used, $700-$900 with Hardshell Case, $500-$600 without case (dependant on condition, these values could change).

Really the best advice I can give is to try the guitar first, if you like it, then there shouldn't be any problems.
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its 570 usd serial no checks out
and in good nick
im gonna try it then buy it let you guys know tommorrow
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