ok my problem is when i start to play faster, my picking has trouble synchronizing with my left hand. so in order to fix this, should i just practice with a metronome till i get faster, and then the speed im trying right now will be more comfortable, or is there a different technique to help synchronize my picking and fingering hands?
Just start off slow. Take a riff (something like Crazy Train) and play it slowly. As your hands learn to keep up with each other in rhythm, the faster you'll be able to go. It will happen naturally if you take it slow at first.
play very very very very slowly with a metronome and slowly turn the tempo up to a pace that allows you to play the piece smoothly note for note. stay at this pace until you can play it in your sleep then turn up the tempo a little more. always make sure that you are playing slow enough to articulate every note b/c otherwise you are just practicing being sloppy.

also try practicing string skipping exercises while making sure that you alternate each time between an upstroke and a downstroke (alternate picking)

hope that helps
Try this every day:


Repeat it up and down, use alternate picking and start off very slowly, making sure you are using all your fingers, you can move it up and down the neck too as it's just a practice lick.

I always find this warms me up every day because you start off and unless you have played in the past few hours your co-ordination is terrible (well that is how I feel anyways).

Try it!