No, the vocals were included with the backing track.
I like playing over backing tracks with vocals since I can't sing worth a ****
and it makes the song come alive so much more.
What all did you record? Anything besides the guitar, or was everything but guitar all on the backing track? I'm asking because that keyboard solo sounded awwweeeessssooommmeeee.
But the guitar part sounded good. Pretty much the cover as a whole sounded really good. It had a good "flow" to it, I guess, which is what I look for in covers. So pretty much all of it turned out sweet. 9.25/10, if I were to give it a rating.
The keyboard solo was already on there, but there are about 6 layers of guitar in there which I recorded and there was a very vague guitar rythm thingy in the backing track.
which is now practically un-audible.

Thnx for the compliments
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But six guitar parts?! Holy crap... that's some ridiculous layering right there. Kudos to you for having the patience to do that. I could tell there was more than one guitar track on there, but I never would've guessed six. Plus the delay and everything give it even more depth.
Awesome job making 6 guitar tracks sound so good... I'd never dream of trying to conquer that feat.
Dude maybe you ll take this as blasfemy but ive never heard that song before, i dont know many pink floyd songs, but i tough this was really amazing, because i dont know the original i cant really compare but to me this sounded like a record song, very good quality and your rythim parts are great, and i liked the tone on that last part
Awesome job!
Thanks everybody.
Never expected so many good comments.

And to those who never heard the song before, go check out the real deal now.
Because if you like this you will like the original soooo much better.
David owns me in every way imaginable
For a really good version, check out the live versions, they are even better.

By the way, the solo is either a freaky keyboard or a theremin.
I love this song man you did a really good job. I was really surprised. That would do just as good a job on The Wall Run Like Hell movie scene. Great job!
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good job, quality was great, sounded exactly like the real thing, what recording gear do you use?

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Used a Samick Les Paul Artist Series (I know I should've used a tele but I dont have one and my strat is broken at the moment)

And recorded it using a podXT Live direct to computer.