Anyone have experience with these? They seem to only be sold at music123.com. They are super cheap, but I was thinking that they are so cheap that I could afford to upgrade the speaker and put together a decent pedalboard with the money I would save vs. a Cube or Vox Valvetronix.

I tried looking up Fullerton to find if they are sold at a music shop nearby, but I'll be damned if I can't find a website for them. Also, there are no reviews on any websites for these amps that I can find. So I was wondering if anyone on here has ever heard or played through one.

Do you think I'm better off getting a cheap amp and then getting some pedals that I can select, or shelling out for a modeling amp with built-in effects? It will be one or the other, since I just play as a hobbyist for fun so I don't want to invest very much money.
I would go for something that you know is good already. You are taking a big risk buying an amp with no reviews and you haven't tried theme either. The Vox and Cubes have been around a while now and most people love them.
Well, so here's the thing. You can order stuff from music123.com and if you don't like it, can return it within 45 days. I was thinking that I could order it and try it out, and if the Fullerton is complete crap, just return it. Would be kind of a pain, though.

I've tried a Cube and like the sound, but I don't particularly care for the interface. Unless I was using it wrong, it seemed as though you could only have effects on the dirty channel, so if I wanted to change from a clean channel w/chorus to overdrive w/chorus during a song, I couldn't do it. Unless I bought a chorus pedal, but then what's the point of spending the cash for all those digital effects? The amp modeling is neat, but I could always buy an amp modeler down the road, too.

The Vox seems a little better from the effects usability perspective, but the closest places that sell them are more than an hour from where I live. So I'd be relying on what I've read, which is pretty positive, but still. Some reviews say it is a pain to be changing the channel settings all the time too, since there are only two programs that can be saved.

The thing with the Fullerton is that its so cheap, I would be able to customize it. For a 60W (SS) with two channels, gain adjust, independent channel volume, EQ, footswitch jack and built-in reverb effect, its only $110. Compare that to the price of a Cube60 or an AD50VT and you see there would be plenty of cash left over for a good speaker and some decent effects pedals.
You are better getting a nice amp and keeping it that way then getting a cheap amp and adding pedals.