As the title suggests, I want some new pickups to replace my stock SEs. So far, I have come up with this possible setup: EMG 85 in the bridge and Duncan Jazz or '59 in the neck. Would that work fine? I play mostly hardcore and prog. I want some high output, punchy tones with the bridge and a good lead tone with the neck. I heard that you can't get a good clean tone with EMGs, but if I need clean, I just use either my Strat or the neck pickup. Any help, or other pickup suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
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Put a rail on the neck and an emg or dimebucker on the bridge that way u can easly get either tone w/out picking up the strat.
Why would you consider mixing active and passive pickups?
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The electronics layout on a PRS is impossible to mix actives and passives.
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