this is my first post on the ug forums. i decided it might as well contribute after ive raped so many of the tabs on here. ok ive been playing for like 4 months and i guess im pretty good for that amount of time. i was wondering if you people could help me out with some song suggestions or practicing techniques.

______things i can play______
-intro to master of puppets (faster than they go on the song lol)
-aerials by soad
-stairway to heaven (without solos of course)
-kryptonite by 3 doors down
-eruption (which came relativley easy for me)

ok suggestions and techeniques are GREATLY appreciated.
4 months and u can play eruption?
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Quote by pawnluv
4 months and u can play eruption?

my thoughts exactely
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If someone can learn guitar and play Eruption in 4 months, THEY need to advise all others on their technique!
u can play eruption after four months????
the whole thing? i dont believe u but if u really can props
Is learning songs all youve been doing?
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yes. learning songs is pretty much it. and i can play eruption. sloppy at points. but i practice that song like 20 mins a day. hmm. these arent the replies i was hoping for.
hmm ive played saxaphone for 8 years so i can pick and move my finger on the fretboard (or w/e the terminology is) extremely fast. so that has really helped me excel at songs that are fast, but dont use complicated chords.