Ok yesterday i took off all my strings(like a jackass) and cleaned my guitar thoroughly...now i have it restringed and the trem angle fairly adjusted...but i am getting fretbuzz and i dont know how to fix it...like when i make a power chord on the 5th fret it makes a tiny ringing but mor of a metal to metal sound...i really hope i didnt **** up my guitar but i dont know **** about trems so i should have never messed with it... but please somebody help me
is it a floyd rose?
if it is go to the column about raising the action
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make sure the action dindnt get messed up. if it was knocked out of place it can do that.
is there anychance of the neck bowing tho...it doesnt look bowed but im not good at judging that? ps thanx a **** load for the help
well that depends on the guitar
if the neck is bolt on it wont warp if it is a set in neck it will warp if you leave the strings off for a long time
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