so, i've been playing guitar for three years now and i have a couple of friends that play bass. whenever i get the chance to, i play their guitars and enjoy it quite a bit. so i was thinking of getting a fender j-bass and was wondering what else i should get (amp, pedals, etc.) thanks guys.
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Get an Ashdown amp, it's what I've got and my jazz bass sounds good through it (180w head, 210w body). Also, get a boss distortion pedal. They're orange, you can't miss them =)

If your wantingm ore effects, your better off getting a zoom multi effects, distortion and clean are the only settings i use.

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a Fender Jazz, or any other decent bass, and a decent amp, is all that is required to have a blast, playing bass. in my opinion, effects on a bass, take away more than they add.