i recently urchased and SG and im not all that happy with it. i think i made a mistake in buying it because the style of music i play is not good for humbuckers. so i was wondering if any of you guys know of a pickup i could put in it to get closer to that strat, RHCP, hendrix-SRV sound. links and prices would be appreciated.

man i hate saying this but sell the SG and get a strat there really isnt a humbucker that is meant for that sound sadly thats why i had to buy a strat for that exact reason you said...i highly recommend the MIM strat cause i have one and absolutly love it
you could get coil taps for your pickups and then run your humbuckers like single coils. only thing i could think of short of selling the guitar...

I have a couple options you could consider.

1. Swap pickups. Either to something like a P-90 or splittable medium gain humbucker like a Rio Grand Tallboy or Muy Grande. Wire a coil splitter, now you have pseudo-single coil sounds.

2. Trade your guitar in on one with singles. If you just purchased it you could probably get full value in store credit.
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yeah, well i have been looking at a 60s strat, which im getting (eventually) even if i dont sell the sg (i was thinking of that)

i thought of coilt taps, but that would probably cost alot of money, right?
It depends on how well your pickups take splitting. Not all sound good split and some are horrible. It isn't expensive to tap pickups, just a switch and some easy rewiring. If you had someone replace your pickups and add the coil tap at the same time, maybe $30 extra.
It's a fine line between clever and stupid.