ok, so i recently decided to purchase an acoustic electric. so i went to my friends dad's shop and looked at some ae's. play'd several ones and i had $300 that i was willing to throw on the counter. i played a washburn, a dean, a fender, which i absolutely hated, and an alvarez, and then i came upon the ibanez aef18, it was the transparent brown sunburst, man is is this guitar absolutely beautifull, i played it and was in love, the slim neck felt kind of wierd at first but after a minute it was verry nice, list at $350 i asked him what he could do and he said $275, there was no way i could turn it down with everything, sexy looks and badass electronics, b-band,sonicore,tuner which is nice to have while playing under the influence, lol, anyways, the reason for this article is to just say that not all ibanez's suck, but most of them do, i recomend this guitar for the price range, or the takamine 341 if you have 350 to spend
yah i havent play'd an ibanez bass, but i had played an ibanez acoustic before and it was horrible, must have been a verry low end model, and everyone allways bashes them it seem's , so after getting mine i just had to erase some of the myth or rumor or whatever
yah i like their electrics, those are verry nice, i have a 80's tanara electric guitar that was made by ibanez back in the day, it's just the ibanez acoustic's, everyone allway's say's bad things about them, they just have to play the right one's
not all ibanez's suck, now theres a shocker
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There's nothing wrong with Ibanez. I own an Artwood and there wasn't much better for the money. 4 Years down the road and it's still lovely. And they have good Electrics for metal players and shredders defenatly.

I'm surprised at the convo honestly, are there a lot of bad/inconsistant Ibanez accoustics?
the first ibanez acoustic that i played was horrible, and then everyone on here seems to allways bash them and i thought maybee they were right but theye are not, i love my aef18
I have never liked ibanez acoustics or yamaha acoustics. But then again Ibanez is great when it comes to electrics and basses.
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yah im not a fan of yamaha but i havent played them all, same about ibanez untill i played the aef18 and like i said earlier it is definately a excellent guitar for the price
When i was in the US for vacations during 2 months, I bhought an 100$ ibanez acustic guitar so wont i loose my practice. I played with it and it sounded ok. After i went back to home and played my spanish classical guitar, the sound of the ibanez guitar was like 1/8 the quality of the other one.

The poor ibanez guitar is now collecting dust in the garage, i dont want to come close to it at all. I know it was a 100$ guitar but still.
I use an ibanez acoustic and swear by it... the sound is damn good for the price and the feel (for my hands at least) is perfect
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There's an Ibanez acoustic at the Hard Rock Cafe in Vegas that Elvis smashed because he thought it was a POS.
Elvis also doesn't actually know how to play guitar...so it sort of evens out. (Not to say I don't like the guy, but he couldn't play songs and he didn't write songs, so I don't take too much influence).

Anyway I think there's a big variety of Ibanez accoustics, and I have heard and played lovely guitars. In my house there's a beautiful Alvarez accoustic and a Carvin accoustic electric (my god does Carvin own), also the Ibanez I play. There's nothing at all wrong with the Ibanez in any way, sounds great and full and rich, feels great, finish is beautiful (the clear coat), binding is beautiful, projects well, and it just seems to have very nice craftmanship. I'm not defending Ibanez and am not saying that there may not be horrible ones, but that doesn't mean they're all horrible.