Okay, here's the situation. I've been doing some research on guitars and whatnot. While I was looking up different guitar brands/parts, and so on, I came upon some rather interesting and confusing information. Specifically much of this confusion is centered around bridges. Bridges like Tune-o-matic, or Floyd Rose, what exactly are their functions? You'll have to excuse me for not knowing, my guitar is a simple strat, so if you can please explain, do. You'd be helping me out very much =D
a tune o matic is just simple nothing to it but the floyds can be tricky they are hard to tune but when its done and locked you dont have to tune again the function of the floyd is for dive bombs and pullups its great
Floyds are really cool once you have them in tune.

But if you break a string, it going to take forever to dissasemble and restring, retune, etc.

Tune-O-matic is what you'll see on pretty much eveything without trem.
DRM, it's killing music.
The Tune-o-matic is a hardtail bridge that doesn't move, it's most common on Gibson style guitars and is a simple yet effective bridge that allows for lots of sustain due to the solid attachment to the guitar itself.

The Floyd Rose is a fully floating bridge that is balanced by the tention of the strings and the springs in the rear cavity of the guitar, they are usually used in conjunction with a locking bridge that allows for heavy tremolo use without going out of tune.

Both of these allow for seperate intonation adjustments for each string unlike the wrap-around style bridges found on some guitars e.g. PRS

Edit: too late just ignore this then :P
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