amp or guitar?
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amps-deville, bassman, vibroverb, twin reverb
guitars-jags, eric johnson strat, any of theyre non-standards

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Yeah no foreplay needed with a Blues Jr. she'll warm herself up.
Amp? Bassman, Hot Rod Deville

Guitars? EJ sig, Clapton sig
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Personally, I like the simple models such as the Standard and the American. The deluxes and the signatures are just too fancy. Reissues are good, but they're very pricy. Plus, they mess with the time/space continuum. (These days everyone wants to relive the glory days of before we were born.)

This new model might just be the best value Stratocaster ever offered by Fender: http://fender.com/products/search.php?partno=0141102344

American Stratocaster + Blues Junior

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For the blues definately check out a Vibrolux reverb. Pretty much any SSS Fender guitar will do, even the standard.
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