I am considering buying a digitech whammy pedal, and i have read a lot of reviews. They only focus on the pitch shifting part of the pedal though. I would like to know what the harmonizer and detuner sound like. Don t just tell me it sucks or its awesome, it would be nice if you go into detail obut the sound and also if you could compare to the boss super shifter.
It is high quality-the harmoniser is as good as you'll get in a pedal rather than a rack, the detuner is okay but not as good as really detuning yourself. The Octave sound is awesome-check out the whitestripes Blue Orchid for a great example. The divebomb is good and saves you having to go out of tune if you have a dodgy tremelo. The chorus effect isnt good quality-poor digital sound.

I love it but to be honest rarely use it. Endless possibilities if you have the band to use it with.
I have the Whammy 4 and I love it. I use it on numerous songs. Of course Tom Morello stuff, and other stuff. The harmony effects are great. I really only use the 1 oct. setting, but i occasionally use the others and they sound great. The detune settings are really cool. they give you kind of a "chorus" sound. The shallow one is more "treble-ish" and the deep one is more "bassy." The 2 oct up and down are awesome. I mainly use them for audioslave and RATM stuff. And the one oct down I use if I want to get a bass guitar sound. The dive bomb is cool. I use it just to mess around (plus i have a strat so i don't rele need it). I dont use the detune alot. I think it actually tune the guitar to Drop D. But i don't know exactly. Overall, great pedal. Very versatile.
the detune tunes the guitar down 1 step on each string, so the tuning would be DGCFAD if u use it while in standard tuning
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The detune feature is sort of useless if you ask me. It detunes your instrument but also makes the signal sound completely digital. You won't want to play an entire song with your tone suffering so much. The harmonizer is great and the dive bombs and pitch shifts sound great if you use them tastefully. I used one for a Rage cover band but now that is over and I sold the pedal back. Absolutely no use for it anymore.
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i was also thinking about getting one.. all i need is a delay, volume and whammy and ill have all the pedals i wanted..
the WH-4 is extreemly fake sounding if you use it for anyhting other than low range stuff. Save up and get a WH-1 its about a hundred times better.
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My WH-1 is sweet. I tell ya though, before I bought one I tried a WH4. There really wasn't a "huge" difference. The tone on the WH1 has a little more depth to it from what I heard. Maybe it's a mind thing? Tom Morello influenced you to get one, didn't he?
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^ Josh rand uses one, I dont know if Jack White uses a re-issue or orignal ... bah.
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but if you have the chance, pick up a WH-1.

They all the sound the same really, except the WH-1 is kinda getting hard to find. If its rare and sounds the same as its re-issue than just buy the cheaper re-issue
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The WH-1 goes for around $600 on ebay.

What version of the whammy does Buckethead use? In the Jordan video it looked black, maybe it was just the lighting though, it sounds great though, anyone know?
Tom Morello uses the WH-1

I have the WH-4 and the harmonizer is great for stuff like APC. The chorus effects are fine for me, i dont see the need to get a seperate chorus pedal.