Hi I have a question about the double strum. First off I am new and have only been playing a couple of weeks, but when I strum (lets say 4 beats per measure) I do not do an upstrum on the last beat beacause I can not switch fast enough to the next chord. Are there hard and fast rules to this...should I practice the upstrum on the last beat or dont worry about it? For example if I am strumming at 60 on the metronome with just down strums I have no problem switching because I use the time when I would be upstrumming to switch chords...but when I double strum I can not switch fast enough because I hold the chord on the upstrum instead of letting the chord go so I can switch...can I upstrum in the middle of switching even though the strings will be open? This is probably a dumb question to you seasoned players, but I thought I read something about this before I just can't find it.

Thanks for the help.
you should practice strumming up and down. Practice at even slower speeds until you can switch between chords faster. Also, you can usually strum something like this...


a G triad like that between chords and it will sound alright.
Well, as you play more you'll gain more speed and be able to play up and down at the same speed as you were just going down.
But, as for your question, you could strum them when they're open, but it technically would'nt be a chord, but it can still sound good.

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make sure you learn to practice strumming up and down otherwise you'll have to go back and learn to do it later and it's really hard to do that - same thing with me and alternate picking, I had to relearn to pick up AND down.. don't worry, it comes naturally with time, PRACTICE alot
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