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Are you self taught, or did you have tuition?

I've taught myself for the last three months, but now I'm looking into getting a teacher since my learning shcedule is so unorganised. I mean, I'm already jumping into playing Metallica songs...

I've found one for £15 for 30mins once a week. Is this a good deal?
Harldy anyone is self taught anymore, they all just read online lessons.
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self taught the only teacher i've had is for music theory
Cmstar90: i have too lisen to a song for hours just to figure out of one part it sound and how to move my fingers tso that it sounds that way
Cmstar90: when u seem to figure it out in seconds
do a search
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Self Taught And Proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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iv3 had a teacher for four years. they arent totally neccessary, but it definitely doesnt hurt to have one. all you do is improve faster.

my guitar teacher is only 10 bucks a half hour. but he is still in college.
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I'm self taught, but I might get a teacher soon, considering I'm looking at getting into jazz.
Yeah, when i 1st started i had a teacher just to get me started. Then i self taught for i dunno 5 months maybe. Learned like 6 songs by myself. I have a teacher now but just to explain chord theory and music theory and stuff like that.
i was self taught, then i got a techer and my improvement speed skyrocketed, and then he moved away (perfect timing) right when my improvement started to slow back down. I recommend doing it but stopping lessons when you feel that you are done getting better w/ him.
just cuz u look at online tabs doesn't mean you are self taught, its not like u pay 30 bucks for an hour lesson online, I TOUGHT MYSELF HOW TO PLAY AND IM DAMN PROUD, however getting a teacher isn't bad if you have the moolah.
had a teacher very early on for a year then learned tabs and scales myself then after gettin a real job took lessons from a great player named Don Sanni in New Hampshire for about another year to learn how to apply scales.
I had a teacher for a few months before I quit. A year later, I picked it up and my dad showed me a few chords. Then I just winged it. Even though I can play face melting licks, I want to start off at a beginning level with a teacher so I can develop a deeper sense of theory to, if nothing else, improve my improv. Y'know? I'm just poor. But I would like lessons in music theory. I know my fretboard pretty well, but that only takes me so far.
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I have had a teacher and I have been playing for two and a half years. I think I am much further than I would have on my own. I also used to read alot of online lessons, so I got the best of both worlds.
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I have a teacher, but I've taught myself a lot of stuff as well. My teacher basically goes over some things with me, then I'll learn others on my own.
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I taught myself with music books. I had two shitty guitar teachers. I lost all interest in learning from others after that.
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my dad started me off with a few chords then i taught myself from there
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I'm self taught, but I might get a teacher soon, considering I'm looking at getting into jazz.

Thats what my teacher is teaching me, jazz and classical at the moment. I've been learning it for almost 8 months. I honestly think teachers are amazing, if they know what theyre doing that is. My teacher is a godsend. I've improved massive amounts, I'd be a complete newb at the moment without him.

A bad teacher though, can ruin music for you.
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My only teacher was and still is: Guitar Pro. And a book of classical guitar called "El Sagreras" which i learn everything about fingerpicking.
I had a teacher to like start me off, then my moms friends husband taught me for a while but that was classical stuff on my nylon string acoustic. so I learned hammer ons, pull offs, tappin, tremolo and alternate pickin, palm muting and some other stuff myself.
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Self taught, somewhat proud, man oh man was it hard, I still remember I got my guitar (about 8 months ago) and I'm like wtf is a "fret"?

The level of playing im at for an 8 month old player is ****ing amazing, and i hate showboating/gloating. I wonder what would have happened if I had gotten a teacher...

hahah i still remember trying to learn to play fade to black, took 2 months until I found out how to play chords
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self taught the only teacher i've had is for music theory

same i tought myself how to play but now i need to be tought to compose
I'm self taught but I owe everything to tabs online, otherwise I'd probably be screwed. I'm gonna get lessons soon because ive been playing like 3 years and my knowledge of music theory is ****, so I think its time I learn that stuff.
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I started off self-taught and just recently got a teacher who didn't really help. I had already been playing some classical stuff I played for my school's orchestra(almost the full arrangements) and I knew 5 years worth of theory from piano lessons. Also, I knew my way around a neck due to cello and had an easier time since a guitar has frets.
Self taught (hahah more like taught by UG lessons) for the past 8 months but my learning has slowed down considerably so I think I'm going to be getting a teacher soon.
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I've been self taught for ~5 months but I'm not making much progress now so I'm thinking about a teacher...
Guitar teacher for four years. Four additional years of music education in college - theory, composition, electronic composition, recording, marketing, etc.
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Ive been playing for about 1 1/2 years. Is it too late to get a teacher?

It's never too late to get a teacher. Although it may be tougher to break some bad habits you may have developed.
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dude listen some people just arnt good self teachers...ive been teaching myself for about 9 months...but only because i havnt had tme for a teacher...

If your the kind of person that has trouble figuring out where to turn next, or if your afraid of learning something the wrong way, then there is no shame in lessons. I actually signed up for some beginner rhythem/ beginner theory classes at my college

I never had a formal lesson in my life. Pretty much everything I know, including theory, was learned from the internet: tabs, videos, lessons, powertab, articles, forums - and books: guitar method, guitar soloing, Jimi Hendrix songbook, classical guitar songbook. The Vai, Satch, and Eric Johnson concerts didn't hurt my inspiration.
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Self Taught, Never had a lesson in my life. I still might get a teacher though.
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