yeah so you guys probably get 20 threads about this a week but guess what! i dont give a flying ****! i need some help-

im in shop class, and i want to make a les paul syle guitar. how much, in your opinion will it cost me for enough GOOD, DECENT wood for the whole guitar? i was thinking mahogany or something that looks nice but has a good sound.

im on a tight budget here. ive got my pickups selected out - '57 classic , and a dimebucker.

helpsies precious.
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hey, i know **** about guitar wood, mkoi? the magazine said mahogany so i was like "oh okay maybe that would work"

if your going to criticize and not help then shut up and get the **** out.
If you know **** about wood, why is your name woody99?

And don't be such a dick, the both of you.

Now for the help...
Where do you live? We could try to find out how much the wood would be for shipping and all that fun stuff.

Also, you might want to go with a premade neck, seeing as how you know **** about wood, I also assume you know **** about woodworking. If that's the case, a premade neck would be better for you because you can't screw up on something you don't make, right?
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I don't know if I can help it.

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i live in the US (missouri) and here woody means penis so...idk. i really dont know **** about wood.

and yeah i suppose i could do a premade neck.
*doesn't know where Missouri is, but knows it's in the mainland of the US*

It looks like Warmoth or stewmac will be your ebst friends for this, seeing as how you don't have to pay customs at the border, or (that) much shipping.

LP neck (regular LP scale): $213 with mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard
LP neck (strat scale 213 with mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard

mahogany body blank: $80 for just the wood glued together

all that comes unfinished, and doesn't include shipping
here's warmoth's domestic shipping info: http://www.warmoth.com/customerservice/customer.cfm?fuseaction=shipping
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I don't know if I can help it.

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Buy a body blank from www.lmii.com. They have good prices. Mahogandy is the best wood, but ash has a nice grain for staining. Alder is light.

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^ id say mohogany

alder isnt goin to give you the real lp tone.

and ar eyou doin carved top or flat top? what type of hardware? also think of tuners- and order EVERYTHING before hand- that way as you build you can mock it up to make shure its all compatible.

also- strinh thru or standard lp? i think string through would be sexy
if the guy is in a shop class he might want to build the body himself right?

do you want a carved top or not? what color are you going to paint it?

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You can get one pice honod mahogany from my supplier Ronny for $75 bucks. He also supplies 5A flamed maple tops for $120.


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