talk to some of your friends, see if they know anyone that plays anything and try and hook up. me and my bass player got together from football.
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yeah, friends, friends who know friends, stuff like that. its all about networking
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i met a kid in science class, since then that band has broken up, but i kept the drummer. then the drummer and i were jamming with some people at a party, and i met the lead guitarist there, but we had artisic differences, so once again, its just me and the drummer, searching for a bass player.
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yeah, even i need some advice with finding band mates,.. especially when most of your friends are too busy with their own lives to start a band or dont even know how to hold the guitar...
I read about posting up adds for bandmates over yer school or coll... but i dont know how well that would work...

another thing: would you advise on joining an exsisting band looking for someone or a setting up a band of yer own... when u have yer own ideas of what your band should look like and sound like...

P.S. sorry irishmatt for using yer thread to get some help... but this might help u too...
When my band was looking for a drummer, we phoned every drum tutor in the phone directory that lived in the area, asking if they had any students that he felt would be wiling/ready to play in a band.
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For the last year, I've been trying to compile a list of all prominent musicians in my area who I can contact if I ever need more bandmates. It always sucks to go months and months without a musician you need. I am a fan of myspace when it comes to finding other musicians, but at least make sure you see them live once. I don't take any musicians seriously unless they perform often or do studio work.
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Well my singer just discovered that the guy he does Kickboxing with is a pretty proficient drummer, that's one of our problems solved! So as everyone else said earlier, ask people if they know people who play instruments. Or if your school has a mySpace you could always look at people you know and see if they play instruments then talk to them and see if they're interested in being in a band.
Just ask around a lot I guess.
This is how my band got going. Me and another buddy have been playing for ten years and throughout those years we had another buddy that tried guitar but had a tough time with it so eventually he bought a set of drums (no drummer jokes please) and we started the band. Then we had another buddy that was just starting guitar and we talked him into just starting the bass too. So at times its been very difficult with the years/playing gap (a lot of patients and tuning people out). But in the last year our drummer and bass player have started coming around. Still frustrating at times but were all buddies and once we put aside all that being polite to one another BS, and started telling one another "hey man that sounds like S&%@", progress soon followed. This has so far worked for us, but were all grown up and settled down with full time jobs and can afford the time to let the band develop and have a good time doing it. One thing I had to deal with is everyone that gave the drummer band advise told him "you just have to get out there and gig" That's fine if you don't mind standing in front of a crowd of people and letting them know your band sucks! But if your gonna gig and want to get invited to gig again please make sure you sound good first! but That's another tread.
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I think bandmates usually comes through social networking. However I personally don't like rushing into bandmates, since especailly when your band is already a certain style a certain type of person can compromise that style.

My band right now started off iwth a long time friend of myne whos a drummer who was in a band with me. After that band broke up we kept playing for about 2 years. Then we ended up playing a battle of the bands where I first met our bass player who the drummer had previously known but didn't know he played bass. The bass player we met ended up joining up a few months later, after the band he was in broke up.