My grandpa gave me the guitar and he told me it was very nice and expensive guitar that he has taken care of it for over 15 years and i should do the same. Whe n i was begginer i dint care about if the guitar was good or not. Now 5-6 motnhs later i have gotten very good and i found that the sound of this guitar is beatifull and prety, i have heard multiple guitars from friends and the sound quality does not comes close to it.
My teacher is also obsessed with my guitar and he told me i can get like 300-400$ for it.

I cant post pics of it but inside says:

Valencia, españa, vitato
Vicente something (its erased) Tomas S.A
carrera malilla 88 valencia
Fabricas de guitarra banduarias y laudes.
All that is in like a circle picture and thers a clasical guitar drawing in the middle.
The guitar has 20 frets ? (trastes)

All i know it was made in spain and i think it was hand-builded but i dont know much about guitar cosntructions and brands. The guitar is in perefect condition with nice adario nylon strings.

Well if you can help me identefy it, i will appreciate
And sorry for bad english
If it was made in Spain it is probably a great guitar. Those Spaniards sure can build 'em!
you tell me who's better. i think good charlote are better than the bealtes but that's only because their lyrics mean more and they are better musicians.

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Must be a custom made guitar from Spain, treasure it my friend, treasure it...

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show a pic of the headstock
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Look on youtube.com- search "rediculously hard classical **** that no one in their right mind would try" and you'll find some 5 year old asian kids playing it