Why has no one listened to this yet? WHY PEOPLE?! Killer tone on the guitar there my friend. And those drums are godly, whether from a backing track or not...they sound balls on accurate. I can't really find a flaw in this cover, and to boot it's a ****ing TOOL SONG! Rock on my friend, and please post more.
thank you very much....i wasn't expecting that kind of a response
more to come for sure
Dude, that was ****ing sick action. Everything was spot on. I had trouble picking out the bass though, if there was any. I wasn't paying attention to individual parts too much. Anyway, great job.

Ham Wallet
the intro was really screwed up though. I thought about closing it but after i was so astonished i didnt even care!
Do you think you could give me a link to that backing track cause i cant seem to find one.