hey, ive been working all summer and got a crap load of cash saved up, i badlly need a new amp( right now ive got an mg haah), anyways i was looking at the Mesa f-50 combo and the v3 half stack, i only need 50 watts or power because its tube but you can set the v3 to 50 anyways, i was leaning a bit towards the v3, just because my next door neighbour owns a carvin guitar and amp and they are sweet, also there are 2 diff cabs that you can get with the v3, one with celestion vintage 30 speakers for an extra 50-60$ and one without, are the celestions that much better then whats in the other cab ( G12T-75 Speakers).

thanks, o btw i play hard rock, classic rock and blues

edit: or a legacy
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