For me theyd be in a slighty different order... but that looks good to me.
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R.I.P Ean.

Are there any other members of Lynyrd Skynyrd who are dead?
1. Alice In Chains
2. Rage Against the Machine
3. Nirvana
4. Soundgarden
5. Audioslave

There aren't many modern rock bands I like. In fact, I think Audioslave is the only rock band from 2000 or later that I listen to... I think my list is the best though, because Creed and Alter Bridge are pretty mediocre (excluding Mark Tremonti). Remove them and put Pearl Jam on there twice.
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Creed above Soundgarden? Cornell pees on Scott Stapp.

For me,

1. Tool
2. Pearl Jam
3. Muse
4. Red Hot Chili Peppers
5. Ours

Or something like that.
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in my oppinion

2.Stone Temple Pilots
3.Red Hot Chilli Peppers
5.(Old) Green Day
6. Rancid

there we go!