I don't have a title or lyrics for this yet. But I'm wondering what you guys think of this. I came up with it today.


Intro is just sliding down the A minor scale on the A string. Chord progression goes, Dm, Am, C. Middle part, or what will eventually become the chorus is Am, C, G, F. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!
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very nice, reminds me of Frusciante, I think you should maybe slow done the main verse riff down just a little bit so you hear that hammer on ring out just a tad, but very nice.
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Maybe turn it up a bit; I had to turn this up more than usual to hear.

The intro chords sound nice, different vibe, not too predictable.

Get lyrics! It feels like it should have some. Not that it doesn't stand on its own, but with just a guitar I think you can make some lyrics that will fit in well and not have too much going on.
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I plan to get some whenever they come to me. I hate forcing stuff. Thats why its only a minute long. Just keeping the general idea alive til they come.
30w crate
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I really like that chord progression it has alot of potential, you set a very nice base for this song, just gotta make a melody for the vocals and write lyrics, and a nice solo, dude this is alot of potential man, I hope you turn it into some good. The playing was good to, the hammer ons could have been cleaner, or rung out more, but keep working on this man.

if you wanna:

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Good, just really work on playing it more cleanly. That's all I can say.