I'm sure you all know what bend I'm talking about. After searching the archive and checking out some vids on youtube, it seems that there are widely differeing opinions on how to do it. Most people seem to play a pinch harmonic and whammy it, and it sounds decent, but I don't think it's accurate, and I'm curious as to this other method, from powertab:

Note is pulled off fretboard somewhere below 12th fret. Tab numbers are irrelevant and only represent sounding pitches. For example, "14th fret" F# is a combination of the bar dive loosening string and the fret-out point moving to somewhere above 14th fret against neck. "28th fret" G# is the string returning to the "25th fret" position against pickup combined with approx1.5 steps of bar pullup.

"note is pulled off fretboard", ok, that is very vague mr author. Does he mean to bend it downwards, and past the neck? I can't match the CD sound doing that.

Thoughts on THAT bend, please post them here.
I'm pretty sure that means like take the E and pull it off the fretboard to the side (like you do sometimes by accident)
Yeah most tabs say to do it that way. 2 things though: 1) It's not good for your strings and 2) It's not very consistent or clean.

I knew a guy who was quite a good player, and showed me the best way I've come across to do it. It's how he used to do it when he covered it in a band.

Basically, you do a natural harmonic at the third fret on the G string, then whammy it down. For the higher note, you move your finger a bit further down the neck, about midway between the second and third frets, hit another natural harmonic, then whammy it again.

It's how I do it, and it matches up pretty well. Plus it sounds really clean and once you get the hang of it, it never fails.
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Something I think Kirk said in an interview was like he wound up fretting on top of the pup.
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Ya he said he pulled the string off the fretboard while laying down the solo but loved the sound so left it in.
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i heard the string broke in the recorded version

but im not a metallica fan so whatever
i have a simillar technnique but i shake the harmonic on the 4th of the g
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