i just want which is the best out of these three. that doesn't me give me a bunch of bull crap about how i should save up my money and by a frickin tube amp. thats good advice, i know, but considering that im about 3 seconds away from throwing my crate amp out the window, i really cant wait. so just give me your best opinion on which of these i should choose, and that would be great.

Behringer GMX1200H V-Tone Analog Modeling Guitar Amplifier Head

Line 6 Spider II HD75 Guitar Head

Fender FM100H Guitar Amplifier Head (100 Watts)

i think id go with the fender out of those
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i think you should just get a good combo instead
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i have like 30 bucks to spend. and i wanna know from first hand experience does it make pp's huge? thanks
even though you're gonna throw the crate out the window in 3 secs, after buying any of those, it'll probably be out aswell in about an hour.
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dude well if you think i should get a combo then what kind of combo should i get?
i play mostly blues influenced metal and i dont want to spend more than 250$
Then you should just wait it out and save up for a really nice tube combo. It will be worth it in the long run. Just think if you buy a shitty amp now, that would be $250 wasted that you could've put towards a realllly nice amp.
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Since you want to through the crate out the window, you should now realize that you get what you pay for. If you spend $250.00 on a new head you will just have another $250.00 P.O.S. head.
That Randall that SuperAnalytical sudgested might be worth checking out.
i doubt your gonna get anything good for $250, none of those are much better than a crate. you could check out the epi valve junior if its just for practice, but that wont cut it in a band situation.
For someone asking for people's help you sure are a dickhead.

I have a Behringer GMX1200H and it's not too bad for a modelling amp. Hasn't broken down on me yet and It's been carted all over Melbourne and not treated hugely well. That said, none of those heads are amazingly amazing, I also own a Fender FM65R which is a combo version of the FM100 and it's pretty nice but not hugely versatile.

These days I play a Marshall AVT50X head and it gives the warm crunching overdrive of a tube amp with the clarity of a transistor. I'd reccomend you don't get one of those three and look at a marshall AVT, or save up for even longer and check out some nice all tubve heads.
They're all shite.
Get a good valve combo, you don't need a halfstack, nope, you don't.

And guy there^, no, just no. AVT's are terrible, but you're entitled to your own opinion and so on.
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two words, Bogner Uberschell

Yeah one of those would be nice, about $2750 over his budget, but nice
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Why the need for multiple threads on this subject? Theres enough crap filling up these boards let alone repeating the same question numerous times.

Haven't you read the stickies?
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If you don't want to do any huge gigs or anything have a look into Epi Valve Special. Or the Junior and buy a few pedals.
That will sounds 54857 million times better than all of those amps put together.
Class A all tube.
And it's pretty loud for 5 watts.
You could always save up a little and get the 15 watt standard. Loud enough to cut over a drummer.