So I just bought an Ibanez Ex for $90, and I was just for some info about it. I know that they were made in the late 80's to the early 90's, but I'm looking for some specs.
Here's some pics-
Ibanez Ex.jpg
Looks like Ibanez EX370FM to me. Here's the spec:
- Basswood
- 1 pc. maple neck
- Rosewood fretboard
- Ibanez Lo-Trs Tremolo
- Jumbo frets
-Ibanez XH1 (N)
-Ibanez XS3 (M)
-Ibanez XH2 (B)

Made in 92, however, its good if you post the serial number if can to identify the year.
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I used to have that exact same model. Definitely not a high-end model but I thought it was great for the price, I mean what can you expect for $90?
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Ya I just read the serial number it's made in 92, so cool. Thanks guys.