Are Trayner amps any good? I want to get a good dist. sound and a decent clean sound. Some of the bands I like are Black Sabbath, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Testament, Metal Church, Slayer, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai. I have a Gibson SG if that helps.
They are good amps, I own a YCV80. It has a decent distortion at all volume levels and a nice warm clean channel. The distortion is a little weak for some of those bands like slayer and what not, but if you have decent distortion pedal it would be good
They're also built like tanks. I have a Yorkville (parent company of Traynor) that I bought in '90 that I have just replaced. (still works fine) When I bought it, they had a 2 year unlimited warranty. That is to say that, even if I dropped it off a highway overpass and had it run over by a truck on purpose, they would replace it. Now *that* is standing behind your product. 15 years later, that amp (though serviced a couple of times) still works and looks fine.


PS. It is a Stage 150 GH head. Apparently, according to the internet, including Yorkville's own website, the product never existed. Strange.....

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theyre not known for metal. i guess thedy be ok for it.

i'd get a peavey for metal

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