Not much to say. Just check it out and let me know what you think


p.s. - Don't expect it to sound anything like the original. This cover is vastly different...

Oh, and crit for crit.
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Ok, let me start of by saying I don't know the original.
The song was very dry, in a good way.
But maybe a little background music would help the flow, which sometimes seemed a bit abrupt.
The song gave off a bit of smashing pumpkins vibe...but in a good way.
But make the vocals a bit clearer sometimes I couldn't hear what you were saying.
And I think the song benefits from the lyrics.
All in all very different but not bad.
I think that with some better recording gear and mixing it'd be very good.
what the hell the songs pretty easy to play in the first place why didnt you just learn to play the real song in the first place?
Thanks for critting mine.
I haven't heard the original song....

Your voice a little out of tune in the beginning, and not very emotive, but still not bad at all!
Listening as I type the vocals are picking up sounds cool. The slow vocals don't suit you very well but the quick ones do. Sounds quite emotional sometimes. I've never heard the original before but it sounds kinda cool. Was it quite hard to sing with the arpeggios?
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Quote by ready4thebreak
what the hell the songs pretty easy to play in the first place why didnt you just learn to play the real song in the first place?

Quote by Cal UK
Was it quite hard to sing with the arpeggios?
Singing while I play is impossible for me

The music was recorded a year ago, but the vocals were recorded maybe two months ago.
I love the original and I love acoustic... but, I hated this, i'm sorry. In the prechorus I didn't like that how you extended the " Of Freaks" part. The chorus sounds alright, just needs work on the vocals. The single strumming of the chords and the prechorus sounded really plain without any other instruments. The vocals were really plain, boring, and sort of had a 10 year old whiny tone, and the guitar sounded really happy in a way which really doesn't suit the song. Sure, it was creative... but it just didn't work for me. 3/10.
^ Do you think this song would work if I added drumming and changed the lyrics to my own original lyrics? Cause I've got a drum track ready for a redo of this, and I could easily come up with new lyrics. Maybe it's just the fact that this meager rendition is associated with such an infinitely un-outdoable masterpiece

Edit: Or should I just ditch this song idea completely? Cause if the song concept itself is weak, I don't wanna waste any more time on it
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meh, i'd say ditch it probably. The drum track and alternative lyrics might make things a bit more interesting, but it's just a challenge to tackle a Tool song, make it acoustic, and make it your own...
I'm not really familiar with this song but the acoustic tone sounded really nice and the playing was decent, I'm about to download the original song to compare it.