So, after my birthday (November 6) and christmas, I'll be taking my $$$ I got and buying a multi track recorder. I've just got a bass guitar, and you could say that's going along just fine. By the time I get the recorder, I'll have more experience as far as that goes. I already have all the tracks for a CD written, but now I have it in my head to make a two CD set...

I've been writing so much lately, that this may be necessary. I may also throw some covers in there too. Does anyone have any thoughts for this?

My other thought is that I'd like to have another bass player step in with me to record some tracks, but I don't think he can handle the speed of the songs I have written. Any thoughts about my bass player situation?

All I can do for now is develop bass lines for my songs, and practice, practice, practice, what I have written.

Here's my current track list for covers:

-TOOL: Vicarious
-SOAD: Aerials
-Ramones: Blitzkrieg Bop or Beat on the Brat

Thanks in advance.

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it wouldn't be a bass CD without a primus cover
try american life
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The only problem with multitrack recorders is that they are all-in-one units, which means you can't really upgrade components. If you go computer-based, you can upgrade things as you can afford to.

Most important to least important:
good mics
good pres
good soundcard
good editing software
good computer

Of course, factor into that the importance of knowing what you're doing, the room you're in, etc., but those would all be factors in the standalone recorder too. I just put mics in first, because they're your first line of attack in the recording process.

Also, if you're doing covers, remember to get the proper licences to do so. Check harry fox agency or cmrra, etc.

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Thanks for the serious answers. Well, I'm working on a music room currently, and I'll probly get a mic with the recorder. As for the Primus idea... holy ****. I just got the bass a few days ago. Like I said, this other bass player I know, I'm probably already better than him.

Do I have to pay for the license to do covers? Also, is there any way to get like a midi drum program where I can make my own fills and beats, in freeware?
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