figured I might as well post this one too...since it will probably be a while before it is finished....new baby=no time....anyway hope you enjoy.....let me know how it sounds so far....
yaye another one

edit: finally got it downloaded and lisened, very good! haha it sounds awesome, keep up the great tool covers
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Fantastic stuff dude.....

Tool are one of those very few rare bands that seem to transend lots of musical boundaries. Ive listened to them quite a lot over the years......and got freaked out when i was on *ahem* substances and they started showing their videos on a massive screen at Ozfest......

Anyway.....point is man, this is pretty much note for note, and you re-create their guitar tone well.

And that breakdown at the end was superb.....that has some kinda messed up rhythm or time signiture, but again, you played it perfectly.

Very impressed dude
Servant woman! Fetch me a drying cloth at once!!
insane i heard tool live in gothenburg....man you played it good!
note for note. and the guitar sound was exactly the same. thumbs up;-)
all i used to record was and ibanex 59'er, pod 2.0, ibanez bass, bass pod, fruity loops for the drums and adobe audition for the recoding/mixing.....thnx for the great comments....really appreciate it
that sounds very nice man tool is one of those bands where i think "hey i think im gunna learn a tool song" and then i kinda start and and i just never really finish after i get the main fun riff

sounds very nice nothing wrong with it hope you have fun doing that cuz it rawks~!
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