i wanted to make a od pedal.. and if it worked out good i would try and make a tremelo pedal. i asked a friend to helpme figure out a diagram i got off a website and he said you have to buy the circuit board. i googled a bunch of stuff and still dont know where to get it.
Radio Shack...
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You'll want to start with a perfboard.

And you'll probably want a breadboard too, to try the circuit out 1st.
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when just starting out i would recomend getting stuff at radio shack or a similar store. first of all, you can ask for help there if you arent sure if something is what you want/need. second, you can get started right away and figure out if this really is something you want to invest time and money on. sure RS might be more expensive than these online places but unless you buy a bunch of each thing and know exactly what you want itll probably be easier when starting.

and as frenchy said, you should get a breadboard. it makes it so much easier to try the circut out so you know if its gonna work. its much harder to trouble shoot when everything is soldered down to a board.