so heres the deal i have a mesa boogie single rectoverb 50 head going into a mesa cab and i have a pedal board with several effects.....chorus, delay, etc. etc. Anyway i was wondering if there is something i can buy so that i can leave certain effects on certain channels so that i can switch to clean and the delay would already be on but when i switch to distorted the delay wouldnt be present. I really just want to prevent all the dancing i have to do when i switch channels and need delay or chorus on.
You could get a MIDI controller which allows you to preset different combinations of effects onto one pedal. Like say button 1 would be your distortion and chorus, and button 2 would be your clean without chorus but with delay. Then button 3 can be distortion with delay but no chorus. You know. Whatever you set them to be.
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what about the a/b controller from boss: http://www.stevesmusiccenter.com/BossAB-2.html

im not trying to sell anything just thought it would give you a description

An AB/Y pedal doesnt really work like that...

But yeah MIDI is really the only way to go. But it can get spendy. Recto Solo heads have something kind of like that. But its just like, if you set the effects controller to say channel 3...everytime you click on channel 3 the effects loop comes on with whatever you have in it...but yeah thats not really the same so nvm lol
Get something like a G Major to replace your effects and a Behringer FCB1010 or equivalent midi controller to control everything. The controller will be able to change patches/effects on the G Major etc and switch channels on your amp at the same time.
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