I am looking for a Pedal that thats not too expensive. Im using an old fender champ 110 amp and a original custom 60's gibson. I really have no knowledge about pedals and equipment. Im looking for a tone similar to slashs such as his solos in november rain and fall to pieces(by VR). I looked up some crybaby pedals and some Boss pedals but I do not know what to get...if anyone can help that would be great.
Don't get an original Crybaby, they're crap, look at the higher end Crybabies and Vox wahs.

And you should buy some kind of overdrive pedal, and by the way, nice guitar.
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ditto, very nice guitar. I would recomend getting a wah with an overdrive or fuzz built in. i made the mistake of buying an original crybaby there are much better wahs out there
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