Aloha! Well I'm getting tired of playing my old acoustic guitar (too quiet) so I decided to look into getting an electic guitar. I don't know much about mechanics and all that crap so I need some people with experience to help guide me.

I don't really have any idea or preference when it comes to an amplifier. It will only be used in my house so it doesn't need to be gigantic!

These are some guitar that look neat. Opinions please.
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(a) What do you want to buy?
Guitar and Amplifier.

(b) What is your budget?
$600 Total

(c) What type(s) of music do you want to play?
I want to play Stiff Little Fingers/ACDC/ZZ Top/Business - ish music.

(d) It would be helpful to list what gear you currently have.
Ibanez Acoustic

(e) It would be helpful to tell us your playing ability or skill level.
My skill level would be about 1/3 way between beginner and intermediate.

(f) Tell us if you're willing to buy used.
I'd rather not.
Not the squiers, its between shecter and ibanez. I'd vote schecter probably over low end ibanez' but you gotta try em out for yourself.
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Yeah I know in the end it's my choice but I'd still like to know what other people think. Sucky thing is that there's only one guitar store around where I live and they only have stuff like Slammer, Samick, and other brands that I've never heard good things about. That makes it tricky to find a guitar that I think feels good for me.
the shecter and ibanez are more meatal but squier also isnt very good so kinda stuck dude
I didn't mean that those are the ONLY one's I will choose from. I only posted those because I think they "look neat". As far as sound goes, they could sound like a cow's ass for all I know.
Hm...Look at the Epiphone Vintage G-400 or the Washburn WI64 for a guitar, and a Vox Valvetronix AD30VT for an amp.
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why do just about all schecters have nearly the exact same body style...

For the stuff you're looking to play possibly look at Fender Strat or something similar. Depending on the prices for where you live, the prices will differ a lot. Check out Agile guitars too. I hear they're quite good for the price.
I am using a Kramer Striker (yes a new one...) with H/S/H and it works great for alot of stuff. The humbuckers are really bassy and I can tweak good cleans and distortion easily.

For amp, stay away from anything that is a Marshall MG, Line6 Spider, Fender Frontman, or many others (people will post on this, don't you worry).
Personally, I only use a Vox DA15 - 15 watt solid state - and suits me great since I don't do gigs. It gets good cleans, and good distortion. The FX aint too good but it works great if you were going to buy cheap pedals.

Look around alot though. If you see a good deal ask someone who has it if it is any good, and if it is, I would jump on it.
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Well, my budget has gone up and I found out that there is a guitar center about 30 miles away! I visited and these 3 stood out. Can I get your personal opinion? Pros/cons of each? Trying to get a punk rock (Stiff Little Fingers, Street Dogs, Business, NOFX) sound. As well as being able to get a little heavier for an ACDC sound. I've read on the Schecter website that members of The Adicts, Transplants, and Dead Kennedys play the S-1 so it kind of sticks out a bit. The opinions I get will help weigh in on which I end up going with.

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actually it be best to choose your amp first that carries most of the tone then guitar comes next. my two recommendation for amps are the Roland Cube series and also the Vox Valvetronix series but hey if you wanna go guitar first then you can do that
my recommendations... and probably the only schecter ull find laying around at a GC is the schecter omen.

very nice intermediate HH guitar. $300.

with the other $300, u can get a vox50, or a vox 30 and a distortion pedal, for any tone not covered byt eh vox's effects.

or a cube 60, $345 for heavier gain.

of course the higher gain, cube 30 $225, is good too, im just trying to max out ur budget.

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Vox Valvetronix are good amps. I'd say buy the amp first and then get the guitar, as there are a lot more decent guitars than amps.

I'd look at the Valvetronix AD30VT (Not too huge and nice sound)

Don't buy too fancy a guitar to start off with.
Epi LP Studio/Standard and the SG G-400/Deluxe are good.
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