I went over to my friend's house today and while we were venturing through his basement i saw a very dusty epiphone pacemaker. I've never heard of the amp before but i was familiar with the Epiphone guitars so i was instantly interested. I researched online and learned the amp was from the 60's. We tried turning it on with a guitar connected but it started making a humming noise that started out as quiet and increases to a really loud hum. I'm not really familar with tube amps but im guessing that the humming is due to old tubes. So if any information about the amp itself or about the problem with the humming would be helpful. And also if i was to buy new tubes for it how much would it cost? because im planning to try to make an offer for the amp since no one is using it and if they let me bring it to a music store to check out its condition.
not looking back but i want to look around.
It depends on how many valves(tubes) the amp uses, but they're not that expensive each.
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any info about the amp itself?
not looking back but i want to look around.