hey i recently started playing an acoustic guitar. its been about 3 months now and the string sound is dull and dead.
i seriously need a new set of strings for my guitar.
except theres all these sizes and brands and all this other stuff i dont know about so now im confused on wich to get.

im looking for a string size that will give me the same sound as a brand new acoustic guitar. maybe a lil fuller and richer. please tell me what i should say to the guy at the counter. do i ask for light strings? medium strings? i have no clue and any help would be appreciated.

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go for .12 gauge
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the lighter the string, the easier it is to press down, bend, etc.

heavier strings give a fuller, brighter tone.

the heaviest i've seen around where i live (for acoustics, anyways) are mediums. i usually play martin SP (sustained playability) strings so i don't have to change them that often. i doubt they'll last 3 months, but they will certainly take a while before losing their tone.

but it's a matter of preference, really. try one type of string out, then in a few weeks when it's time to change them again, maybe try something else.
so what size to most brande new acoustics come in? as in gauge size and heavy/medium/light/etc.
Usually, 11s... which are light. I use 12s. They feel pretty heavy at first but you adjust quickly.
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well, unless u know how to set up ur guitar, its a good idea stay stay close to the gauge u have now.

if u like ur action the way it is now then i suggest u but the same guage but try a new brand (like elixers, coated strings)

if u think ur action is too low and ur getting fret buzz then maybe go a little heavier.

if ur action seems too high and u like to bend strings, then try a slightly lighter set.

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