What is the best distortion pedal you have ever owned and why is it so? What kind of styles do you play, and what are the positives and negatives of it? Also, mulit-effects units can be mentioned, as long as they're distortion effects :p
Boss DS-1. Mainly just cause its very simple and easy to use...and sounds really good. Other than that Im not a distortion pedal kinda guy...Ive always been more into the sound of the amp.
Tube zone overdrive
Everything; rock, rap, r n b, jazz, classical, shred... Sept metal rhythm
Positives: It ****ing rocks
Negatives: Tends to buzz a bit on really high gain
only ever owned one distortion pedal but it was pretty decent. It was a DOD death metal distortion pedal. Was Kinda muddy but i used a old wah pedal always on to help make it sharper and cut through. I play alot of metal and i Got some decent tones out of it when i did use it though. Now its all Hi-gain tube distortion for me....its the only way to go.
Carvin Legacy
Ibanez RG 470 w/Evo's
ESP Viper
Ibanez TS9
MXR Ten-band EQ
MXR Phase 90
MXR Smart-Gate
Boss DD-3
Dime CRybaby from HELL

ive always liked the boss metal zone. It's got a kick ass crunch to it i reckon.
Never used one although I have numerous distortion box effects on my GX700 but I don't use them either.
Hamer USA Chapparal Custom, scalloped fretboard & Sustainiac
Hamer USA Chapparal Elite, Dragon Snakeskin finish
BC Rich USA Gunslinger
BC Rich USA Warlock
Boss GX700
Rocktron XPression
Mesa 50/50 Stereo Power Amp
Laney 4x12 Cab
Big Muff USA
To play rock/alternative/psychedelic/noise.
Plus: It's the poop
Neg: None
These go to eleven...