Anyone else have these? I got the 60's, tuned one and a half steps down (C#,F#,B,E,G#,C#). I love the sound, and I don't really care for tunnings that low, but the how the agression, which was my biggest complaint about going that low. Sure it sounds heaver but it not a clear of a sound. Iknow these strings are for lower tunnings, I'm not that stupid or anything, but I was kind of worried that I wouldn't like them. Proably the best $6 I've spent in the last few months.

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personally i like the way that lighter strings blend together in power chords, and seem a bit more crisp than mellower heavy strings. but that's just me. i play 11's--not too heavy, but heavy enough for good lead tones.
really not a fan of GHS, bought them straight after my DR's got old and man oh man did i not like em, got used to em now, but i'm waiting on an order for DR's and gonna have a string orgasm when i get em.
Ive been playing Boomers (10-52 or 11-50) for several years now. Theyre the only strings I like. The only other strings Ill ever put on any of my guitars are Elixers, but I still prefer Boomers. Theres really no difference between the ZW strings and any other strings of the same gauge. Its just another thing to put his name on...